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亞洲鋼琴城在全香港商業最集中的區域 – 旺角區設立鋼琴專門店已經多年,,陪著一代又一代的小朋友們成長,把鋼琴送到每一個想學琴的朋友家中,助他們達成演奏之夢。亞洲鋼琴城也是家長們的好朋友,因為我們既諒解每一位家長望子成龍的心理,亦一直為著家長的經濟著想 – 我們為家長把關,從日本找來的鋼琴都一定是質素高又不會太昂貴的,好讓每個家庭都有能力負擔起一台鋼琴, 以配合現今之教育趨勢

Fuji Asia Piano Services Co., Ltd. was established in 1984.  We specialized in high quality Japanese used pianos such as Yamaha and Kawai, also pianos from Korea, Europe, etc.  Besides piano retails, we run a successful business of wholesales of various merchandises, and provide professional services including piano tuning and maintenance.  Music education is also indispensable for Fuji Asia.  We always acclaimed for providing great quality pianos at budget prices.  Our pianos are checked and assured by certified piano technicians before displaying in the shop for our esteemed clients.  

鋼琴業務只是我們的其中一部份,音樂藝術也是我們非常重視的。畢竟,,沒有音樂這一門藝術,也不會存在鋼琴作為商業經營。 所以,我們辦學開設了亞洲鋼琴城藝術中心,期望能春風化雨,作育英才。我們尤其重視本地的年青藝術家及非常支持他們所舉行的文藝活動。我們的音樂藝術總監暨鋼琴顧問蘇顯亮先生,自美國返港後,一直與我們緊密合作,一場又一場的大師班,音樂會,小型音樂沙龍等,不少都是在亞洲鋼琴城的支持下舉行的。


From our Customers


Goutam Majumder - Facebook 

“Lately I have Procured a Piano from Fuji Asia, quality is fantastic and virtually. Worth every penny.”


Kitty Lok - Facebook



Mikihiro Misaki - Facebook

They have got a variety of pianos, and also can provide grandpianos. the staffs are friendly and heartwarming guys. 
not only purchase or rent pianos, we can ask about piano lessons or goods such as soundproof tools.
if you have any problems related piano, they can support you!


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